Helping Yourself with Your Health

Healing the Planet is a book about healing the patient. It is an informational book written by environmental health expert, Jozef Krop, for patients to understand the effects of the environment on their health.

Scientific evidence proves that those chemicals designed to killer germs, cockroaches and potato blight are – in fact – killing us. All living things share DNA, that vulnerable stuff of life itself. What we do unto even the least of living things on the planet, we quite literally do to ourselves as well. But human beings, unlike cockroaches, don’t roll over and just die. Our more complex bodies mount huge defences and succumb by getting sick with cancer, heart disease and all manner of chronic illness.

From the preface  the book by Berkely Bedell, former US congressman, founder and chairman of The National Foundation for Alternative Medicine, Washington DC:  “People are striving to take charge of their health with decisions on the food, water and air they depend upon. More and more are refusing the toxic treatments frequently prescribed. I thank God for people like Dr. Jozef Krop and for books such as this one. For those who wish to remain healthy or recover, I urge you to read this book and to become a part of this revolutionary movement…”