What makes us feel sick and tired? What helps us feel better?

There are many, often complex, reasons behind ill health – but we don’t always have to look for the most complex solutions.  If you watch out for these 3 hazards you’ll be putting yourself and your family to get on the path to better health!

Hazard 1: Scented household, laundry, air-freshening and body-care products

Opt for scent-free products as the chemicals used in scented products are often carcinogenic and can cause headaches, foggy concentration, and respiratory distress. 

Hazard 2: Newly purchased furniture, bedding, carpets, clothing & plastic toys

These items can give off a ‘new’ item smell that is laden with toxins and chemicals. Always wash and air-out new items. These chemical smells can cause flu-like symptoms.

Hazard 3: Mold

Mold growth in damp basements, behind wallpaper, under carpets or in the bathroom needs to be removed from the home. Mold can impact the respiratory and nervous system and can even affect your mood.

Home is where you relax. By avoiding these hidden home health hazards you lay a foundation for good health for you and your family.

This is one of the easiest and most effective ways to improve your family’s health!