Dr. Krop at Dr. Rogers Prize Gala

Dr. Krop was nominated and short listed for the Dr. Rogers Prize this year. The Dr. Rogers Prize celebrates people who have made a significant contribution to complementary and alternative medicine in Canada.

Dr. Krop’s trailblazing approach to patients’ complex health issues was based in environmental effects on health decades before this became a recognized topic. His career is characterized by committed action and leadership in defending patients’ rights to safe and effective complementary therapies and doctors’ right to offer them.

In September Dr. Krop attended the Dr. Rogers Prize Gala in Vancouver BC – it was a beautiful and informative event and also inspiring to see so many committed to the practice of complementary health care. We would like to congratulate all the nominees, and especially the 2011 winner, Dr. Maria Verhoef of Calgary AB, for their efforts and fine achievements in advancing the complementary and alternative health model.