We take a truly holistic approach to your health


All of life is interdependent in sickness and in health. The environmental medicine perspective on health that we use  doesn’t look at people and their presenting problems and complaints as isolated form the air, water, soil , food workplace, home and emotional life of that person’s environment.  Whichever modality is used for treatment, the understanding behind the issue must be broad.

While many people get headaches from perfumes, did you know that they can also cause lack of concentration? Some people might cough from auto exhaust, but for some it makes the immune system crash. Molds make some people sneeze, but in others they cause depression or neurological problems. Injuries can cause muscle and joint pain, but so can bacteria and parasites.

It is too easy to write off people’s complaints as unresolved emotional issues, when there are many chemical, environmental and pathogenic causes behind many symptoms. It is important for us to dispel these myths so clients can be empowered with factual information and placed on a true pathway towards healing.  We listen. and we have the expertise to investigate the root causes of health issues.

 It is our aim to have vibrant health results for our clients and to equip all our clients with  knowledge they can use to make their own homes, gardens and workplaces supportive of life and teach their family, friends and employers what can be done to prevent illness.

Healing is possible. It is not only possible – it is what we, as human beings, are designed to do. I never cease to be astonished by the resilience of the human body – nature’s stubborn urge to heal that cooperates with the practitioner’s efforts and keeps the patient going with tireless patience. Nature’s determination to restore what is injured is the constant source of hope and courage for client and practitioner.

Message from Jozef Krop

One of North America’s foremost experts on environmental health, Dr. Jozef Krop, is on our team.  All practitioners are mentored and trained in the principles of environmental health.