Preconception Preparation and

Fertility Enhancement Program

The Preconception Preparation and Fertility Enhancement Protram is a two-part individualized program is for you if you are looking to optimize fertility and looking for the ability to conceive a healthy baby using natural methods.  If you have been looking to start, or expand your family, or if you have been experiencing trouble conceiving, then natural preconception preparation and fertility enhancement will help you to establish the base upon which a healthy pregnancy can occur.

The entire program is most effective when BOTH partners are committed to the program as it usually “takes two” to contribute to the health of the baby.

Part 1: The Preconception Program:

The Preconception Preparation program will occur over a period of approximately nine months, during which time both partners are treated for underlying and/or pre-existing conditions that may be interfering with the ability to conceive.  You will also learn about how optimal nutrition improves your chances of conceiving, the benefits of detoxification, and how to track your menstrual cycle. You will also have the opportunity to discuss any related health history, questions and expectations you may have throughout the program duration.   Couples are advised to refrain from attempting to become pregnant during this phase.

Part 2: The Fertility Enhancement Program

The Fertility Enhancement Program will commence after the Preconception Program has taken place for at least nine months.  During this time, the treatment goals shift to focus on optimizing conception and a healthy pregnancy through tracking your menstrual cycle, making healthy diet and lifestyle changes and acupuncture.  Couples are encouraged to begin trying to conceive during this time.  As the program is implemented, regular visits will occur approximately 2-4 weeks apart to provide the opportunity to assess treatment progress, provide guidance and support throughout the process and subsequent phases of treatment.


Why prepare for preconception?

Modern living and lifestyle habits, with its hustle and bustle, aren’t always conducive to optimal health.  Poor diet habits and food choices, exposure to environmental toxins, and stressful living adversely affect reproductive health.  Some effects include poor sperm quality, low libido, irregular cycles where an egg may not be produced and inability to maintain a pregnancy.  Preconception care allows for an opportunity to improve health and wellness, identify and address health issues and risks, and optimize fertility in both partners.    Your baby’s health will be a reflection of YOUR health in the months prior to becoming pregnant.  Better health prior to conception ensures better health during pregnancy for mother and baby, improved recovery time post-pregnancy and better health for baby into adulthood.

Why should both partners participate? 

Although the majority of the reproductive responsibility falls to the female, it is important that both partners participate in the treatment program as BOTH partners may be experiencing underlying health issues that may affect health and fertility.  The baby’s health during the pregnancy and into adulthood is dependant on the health of both parents prior to, and at the time of baby’s.  Participation by both partners also creates a supportive environment during this important process.

Why does the process take several months? 

Modern day living leads to the build up of toxins within the body that are incompatible with optimal fertility.  The process of improving health, addressing underlying health issues, and detoxification is one that cannot effectively take place overnight.   The time allotted for preconception preparation and fertility care establishes healthy lifestyle habits prior to conception and pregnancy, as well as ensuring that the body has the capacity to handle the detoxification process