Hyperactivity, Tantrums, Learning issues …is there a link to environmental exposures?

Kids should live being happy and playful.  But sometimes acting-out behaviours seem to take over leaving little ones feeling upset and their adult care-givers feeling frustrated. Some of these include:

-lack of concentration           -fatigue                             -hyperactivity

-short attention span            -irritability                       -depression

-respiratory difficulties        -digestive difficulties      -muscle aches and pains

-headaches                              -urinary problems           -anger, aggression

In some cases, when the child can’t be comforted, regular medical attention doesn’t seem to alleviate symptoms, or regular discipline guidelines don’t seem to work – the underlying reason can be exposure to environmental stressors.

Try to notice – does your child’s behavior change when they are exposed to:

At home:

Perfumes, tobacco smoke, scented laundry products, scented hair products and deodorant, room deodorizers like Febreeze, chlorine and other cleaners?

Sometimes these reactions can even be the result of food allergies and sensitivities

New additions:

New paint, new carpeting, new furniture, new rubber/plastic/vinyl toys, new unwashed clothing?

At school:

Fruit-scentet markers, liquid paper white-out, recently waxed school gym floors, newsprint, photocopy toner, perfumes?

The chemicals in these items  have been found to cause behavioural responses. You child’s acting-out might have simple, cost-effective solution: eliminating exposure to problematic materials.

EcoHealth offers a comprehensive environmental assessment and treatment plan, educational classes on how to support a lifestyle that doesn’t trigger these reactions, and materials regarding alternative products you can use, as well as personal support in individual areas of need for the child and family.