Honouring the Woman

Honouring the Woman is a workshop led by Australian-Canadian healer and doula, Jess Krop. www.withindoula.com.au

Honouring the Woman is a woman-only event where women gather in circle and have the opportunity to deepen our experience of being a woman.

Two years of circles have been benefiting Australian women – and now Canadian women can experience this transformational event as Jess is bringing her workshop to Canada this summer at EcoHealth and Wellness.

In this workshop, we will explore our cycles, Goddesses, womb magic, the moon, learn ritual and honor ourselves as amazing women. We will sit in circle, share laughter and tears, create art, eat chocolate and learn much about ourselves. It is an experiential workshop including art, drum journeys, circles, and celebration!

 Day 1:

– What is a women’s circle? A red tent? Why are we sitting here and what does it all mean? This is the intro circle, where we will be getting to know each other and get comfortable in the space; a time to go through what we will be covering and how we will be doing it.

– The Cycles: your menstrual cycle, the moon cycle, the growth cycle, the seasonal cycle. Exploring and learning about how they are all esentially the same cycle played out in different time and how this creates a connection between us all. We will be doing a pairs process exploring our menarche (first bleed) and how that has effected our lives.

– We explore shamanic process and drum journeying: what is it and how can it assist us in our lives. We will do a drum journey to meet our womb goddess.

Day 2:

– An exploration of Goddesses and archetypes. What are they? How do they serve us? Finding out our dominant goddess archetypes and what we can learn from that.

-We look at the concept of honouring ourselves. Do we? Does society? How is being a woman played out in our world? We will learn the elements of ritual and perform a ritual to honour our bleeding and being women. Finally we will each be giving each other a woman blessing to honour ourselves as amazing, strong and powerful women.

The Details:

There is only space for 6 women at the circle – in order to keep it a personal and intimate event.

Date: A weekend event: July 13 – 14 From 9:30 – 5: 30 at EcoHealth and Wellness in Mississauga


$200 for the whole weekend

Fees include:

– Journal for writing

– Book: Spinning Wheels and 13 Moons (publications by Jane Hardwicke Collings)

– All craft needs

– Morning and afternoon tea.

A deposit of 50% will be required to hold your space, as this workshop is limited to 6 places.

To Reserve your Spot

Please call 905-816-9657


Babies are most welcome in the circle.

Blessings to you