Getting Healthy for the Fall!

Vacation season is quickly coming to a close and everyone is getting ready to get back to their regularly scheduled routines.  Whether it’s back to school for the kids and teens or back to work for you, now is a great time to make sure you’re at optimal health for the coming fall season. 

Increasing your fresh and whole food intake by adding more fruit, vegetables and whole grains to your daily meals and eating high quality lean protein such as organic chicken, wild caught salmon and legumes will provide you and your family with the basic building blocks to great health.  Nutritional supplements of essential vitamins and minerals as well as herbal medicines can go a long way in improving your overall wellbeing and energy while helping to lend support to the immune system in time for a busy fall season. 

If you are looking to avoid illness this cold and flu season, speak to a Naturopath about safe and effective nutrient, herbal and homeopathic alternatives to conventional cold and flu treatment.

No matter what your health needs are, the time to start is NOW!  Being mindful of your health now will reduce illness during school and work while improving performance and productivity throughout the year.